Stabilizer Spotlight: Shape Form Interfacing

Shape Form Interfacing

What is Shape Form Interfacing?

Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing  is a specialty stabilizer used with Tear-AwayCut-Away, and Wash-Away in a variety of machine embroidery projects. It's thick enough to provide sturdiness, yet thin enough to stitch on sewing and embroidery machines!

Why Use Shape Form Interfacing?

You can do all kinds of creative projects with Shape Form Interfacing! For example, this Digital Dealer Exclusives project (available at participating quilt shops this December!) uses Shape Form to provide the structure of the house. 

KDDE202-12-Christmas-House-Gift-Box-Highres (8)

You can also use Shape Form for boxes, hat rims, bag inserts, and more. After stitching your project, you simply fold it into the desired shape!

How is Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing Different?

Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing is not only easy to stitch through, it's also easy to trim and manipulate into the shape you want.

As with our other stabilizers, Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing is thoroughly tested on every brand of embroidery machine. You can be sure this product meets the Kimberbell standards of quality!

Where Can I Find Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing?

Find Kimberbell Shape Form Interfacing at your favorite quilt shop. Since this is a Specialty Stabilizer, be sure to look for the GREEN label!

Shape Form Interfacing

I hope you enjoyed learning about Shape Form Interfacing. Be sure to keep looking for other Stabilizer Spotlight posts over the next several weeks!

Happy Stitching! 😊



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