Kimberbell Stabilizer Hoop-La: It's Must-Have Monday and Everything You Need to Know About Slap Bands for Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Rolls!

Stabilizer Slap Bands


It's a Stabilizer Hoop-la, and we're kicking off the celebration in style! Now, I was a teenager in the 1980s, so believe me when I say I'm well acquainted with the whole "slap bracelet" thing. But never did I think that a fashion trend would become so revolutionary in the sewing room!

As Kimberbell Stabilizer Slap Bands are pretty much the coolest product ever, they're a perfect pick for Must-Have Monday.  Simply slap the beautiful, color-coded bands around your stabilizer rolls to keep them labeled, tidy, and easy to find!


Kimberbell Stabilizer Slap Bands for machine embroidery stabilizer rolls


Ombre Colors

The colors of the bands perfectly match the packaging of Kimberbell Tear-Away, Cut-Away, Wash-Away, and Specialty Stabilizers. All Tear-Aways are labeled in shades of red, Cut-Aways are in orange, Wash-Aways are blue, and Specialty Stabilizers are in greens. Shopping has never been easier!


Tip: Look for these symbols and colors in your Kimberbell project instructions! (We make it so easy to find the stabilizer you need.)


The color gradient indicates the weight of the stabilizer: the darker the shade, the heavier the weight, and the lighter the shade, the lighter the weight. (More about each type of stabilizer coming each day this week!)

Just imagine what Stabilizer Slap Bands can do for your sewing room organization:



Clearly Labeled

Each of the 13 silicone Slap Bands are clearly labeled with the specific type of stabilizer (e.g. Ultralight Cut-Away, Fusible Backing, Medium get the idea). It's a whole rainbow of ready-made, reusable labels at your fingertips! And speaking of "tips," here's another one:

Tip: To remember what you need, slap the bands on your wrist when heading to your favorite quilt shop!

Join Erin as she shops for the stabilizer she needs:




Find Kimberbell Stabilizer Slap Bands at your favorite quilt shop, and be sure to join us every day this week to learn more about the Kimberbell Stabilizer line. We can't wait to experience the "hoop-la" with you!

by Jenny Lyman

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