What Are the Best Stabilizers (and Interfacing) for Kimberbell's Red, White, & Bloom Quilt for Sewing and Machine Embroidery? Here's What We Recommend!

Are you wondering which stabilizers and interfacing are best for Kimberbell's Red, White, & Bloom quilt? Our premium stabilizers are continually and thoroughly tested by our Product Development Team, and each surpasses the Kimberbell standard of quality (with beautiful results)!

Here are the stabilizers you'll want to gather when preparing to make our Red, White, & Bloom feature quilt:


Machine Embroidery Version


Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away StabilizerLight Mesh Cut-Away Stabilizer

Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away Stabilizer provides excellent structure to the stitches. Trim to the block size (when finished) and sew into the seams! Use Light Mesh Cut-Away to quilt in-the-hoop before applique is complete.



Wash-Away Kimberbell Wash-Away Stabilizer

Kimberbell Wash-Away Stabilizer is ideal for dimensional or freestanding elements, such as the Mylar Lemons and Patriotic Pinwheels found in the quilt. After stitching, dissolve stabilizer in cool water for 20 seconds.


Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-Back Stabilizer

Wash-Away Sticky-Back Stabilizer

Use Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-Back Stabilizer for "floating" fabric and Kimberblanks in-the-hoop. You'll want to use this stabilizer for ALL of the Red, White, & Bloom Bonus Projects! After embroidering, dissolve in cool water for 20 seconds.



Fusible Backing Kimberbell Fusible Backing Stabilizer

To provide extra structure to fabric and reduce puckering, we recommend Kimberbell Fusible Backing. Adhere to the wrong side of the background fabric and use in addition to the required stabilizer.

To eliminate shadows, also use Kimberbell Fusible Backing when appliqueing a light fabric onto a dark background.

Also visit mykimberbell.com to view our Red, White, & Bloom Quilting Bundle, as well as instructions on how to add quilting with an embroidery machine!

Sewing Version


Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick StabilizerFusible Peel & Stick

Use Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick for easy applique! Fuse onto the wrong side of applique fabric and peel paper to reveal a repositionable sticky side. Place and rearrange on background fabric. No need to iron twice!

Fusible Backing provides extra structure to the fabric and reduces puckering. Use in addition to the required stabilizer and adhere to the wrong side of the background fabric. Kimberbell Fusible Backing eliminates shadows when appliqueing a light fabric onto a dark background.




Finding the right stabilizer for your embroidery and sewing projects has never been easier! Kimberbell's premium selection of Cut-Away, Tear -Away, Wash-Away, and Specialty Stabilizers are color-coded and recognizable at a glance.

Find the right Kimberbell Stabilizers for our Red, White, & Bloom quilt today at your favorite quilt shop!





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