The “Live Creatively” Bella Box for Machine Embroidery (Why You Want It...PLUS a Few Sneak Peeks!)

Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


There’s a mystery box that is flying off shelves
(And our Kimberbell Team has been working like elves.)
Not for lotion or lip gloss or bagels with lox—
The thing people want is our new Bella Box!


How do you Experience the Joy of Creativity™?  Perhaps you write silly little poems like I just did (above), or maybe you paint watercolors or redecorate your home or compose music or plant flowers...

But if you’re reading this post, chances are you love creating Kimberbell projects on your embroidery machine. Am I right?

However your creativity manifests itself, there’s nothing like the feeling of making something that didn’t exist before, something that makes the world just a little bit brighter. A little more cheerful. A little more you.

Which brings me to The Bella Box™ and a question: are you ready to "Live Creatively?"




Each project, embellishment, and collector's item in our Live Creatively Bella Box is carefully curated to ignite your creative spark. Now, I can't give too much away about what's inside, but I will say this: it's gonna be FUN, with lots of room for personal inspiration and choice!

Remember, The Bella Box™ is so much more than a commodityit’s an experience. (A delightful experience!) Here are just a few reasons why machine embroiderers count the days until The Bella Box™ is in their hands:

  • Value
  • Anticipation
  • Bonus Designs
  • Contests
  • Techniques
  • Exclusivity

Let's talk briefly about some of the reasons you want the Live Creatively Bella Box!


Time and time again, we hear from our customers that The Bella Box™ is “worth every penny and so much more.” Why? For starters, the box includes SIX exclusive machine embroidery projects! To give you an idea of the projects inside, here are images from the Spring 2020 box last year:


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


The Bella Box™ includes design files for every type of embroidery machine, all of which can be stitched in a 5×7 hoop (although many of them also come with additional sizes). This box also contains a charm pack of beautiful fabrics, as well as a variety of super-fun embellishments , new blanks, and other goodies!

BTW, all project instructions for our Live Creatively Bella Box are now on USB! Simply pull up the PDF file and follow the step-by-step directions right from your screen. You’ll find our directions unbelievably clear.  The detailed illustrations and easy-to-follow steps walk you through each and every project.

Because of all it contains, many people compare The Bella Box™ to a Kimberbell Event delivered right to their doorstep. I think that’s a pretty accurate way to describe things–except The Bella Box™ comes with even more!

But the value of the box is only one reason why Kimberbellas love it. As I mentioned before, The Bella Box™ is much more than the sum of its contents; it's an experience to be enjoyed, from the minute it’s ordered until well after the projects are made.


Ask just about anyone who has ordered The Bella Box™ and they'll tell you the anticipation is half the fun. I’m not kidding. Looking forward to receiving the box is very exciting, especially when you’re waiting with other Kimberbellas (and Fellas). It’s like counting down to Christmas together! There’s a real sense of community within our Kimberbellas (and Fellas) Facebook group, and the speculation and excitement ramp up as people eagerly await their boxes. The Bella Box™ is a wonderful gift to enjoy with friends, and many people have unboxing parties and a lot of fun making their projects together. 


Not only does the Live Creatively Bella Box come with SIX exclusive projects; you get an additional SIX bonus designs, too! And, to make things even more fun this time around, you can download all six bonus designs at the time of purchase. In fact, we'll be sponsoring social media contests, where participants will stitch the bonus designs and post photos of their projects to win some pretty fantastic prizes! It’s so inspiring to see everyone’s creativity shine during these contests. (We can't wait to see your entries!)

Take a look at the bonus designs you'll receive when purchasing the Live Creatively Bella Box (Which one is your favorite?)

Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell



Another reason why The Bella Box™ is so highly prized is because the projects and collector’s items within are exclusive to that box. And when the box sells out…well, those products are simply no longer available. A Kimberbell project may come out later that’s similar to an item in the box or may use the same technique, but the project is never exactly the same.  We make every box different, every box special, and every project exclusive to that box. 

For example, when you purchase the Live Creatively Bella Box, you'll receive this exclusive Kimberbell Paper Tape Dispenser!


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


Are you familiar with Kimberbell Paper Tape? It's a game-changer, let me tell you. Perfect for in-the-hoop machine embroidery projects, Paper Tape holds applique fabric in place, doesn't leave sticky residue on the needle, and tears away from stitches easily. Like many of you, I always keep a few rolls of Kimberbell Paper Tape on hand. And since Paper Tape has been around for awhile, we've had many, many requests for a Kimberbell dispenser!

And now that day has arrived. :)




What is the STITCHED party, you ask?

STITCHED is Kimberbell’s crazy online competition (not unlike a reality T.V. show) where Kimberbell teams make spontaneous projects and try to win the coveted golden spool trophy. At the beginning of the show, team captains are given a surprise “ingredient” (a particular Kimberblank) and they have a mere 30 minutes to transform that blank into something that will completely wow the voting audience. It’s fast-paced and fun and highly entertaining! (Read my “Behind the Seams” STITCHED story HERE.) The Bella Box™ includes an invitation to the show! Watch the last STITCHED show HERE. 


So, what can you expect from the Live Creatively box specifically? As The Bella Box is a mystery box of surprises, I can't tell you what's in there. However, I can give you some sneak peeks! Take a look at these images and see if you can figure them out:


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


What do you think that could be? I can't tell you what it is, but I will tell you that this is a technique and product you've NEVER seen before from Kimberbell. The machine embroidery world is about to have its mind blown!

How about this one?


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


OH.MY. GOODNESS. There's no way you're going to guess this one, I'm sorry. It's totally innovative, totally cool, and something you'll use daily as you Live Creatively!

Here's another one:


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


All I'll say about this project is that our Product Development Team are GENIUSES! The pattern...the transformation...the design...the practicality... :)

Okay, one more:


Live Creatively The Bella Box for Machine Embroidery by Kimberbell


Hmmmmm. Bright! Colorful! Fresh! Any ideas of what it could be?

These are definitely not all of the projects--just a few samples to whet your appetite. :) We can't wait for you to see (and make) them all! Buy your Live Creatively Bella Box today!


Let’s see, we’ve covered value, anticipation, bonus designs, contests, new techniques, STITCHED, exclusivity, sneak peeks…I could go on, but I think I’ll end by simply encouraging you to experience The Bella Box™ for yourself. Give it a try. See how you like it. And Experience the Joy of Creativity to the fullest! Because at the end of the day, that’s why we created The Bella Box™ in the first place.

Remember to download your bonus designs and enter our upcoming contests! :) We can't wait to see what you create. (Speaking of which, I feel the itch to finish that poem...)


Oh what is inside? I’m dying to know!
Is it notions or glitter or gourmet cocoa?
Or a new Kimberblank or some chic, silky socks?
Whatever’s inside it...the Bella Box rocks!



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