The Hidden Gems of a Kimberbell Project

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When I go to the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread, I receive a loaf of bread. Yep, that seems to be my shopping experience EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

BUT . . .

Wouldn't it be amazing if my loaf of bread also came with sandwich fixings and yummy spreads and maybe even recipes, too? Just think of the added value of that one purchase!  

Well, a loaf of bread will always be just a loaf of bread (dang it). But when you buy a Kimberbell project, you receive so much more with your purchase than you may initially think!

Let's take a look at some of the hidden gems you might find with your Kimberbell CD or download! (Please note: no Kimberbell products actually come with sandwich fixings. 😊)


Extra Sizes

Let's start with the extra sizes we often include in our projects. For example, here's the snowman from our Pennants & Banners: Smitten With Snow collection. Every design in this collection comes in five sizes!

Smitten with Snow

Now, every Kimberbell project does not include five sizes of each design. However, it's VERY common for us to include two or even three sizes of the designs so you have more creative flexibility!


Alternate Designs

Speaking of expanded creative possibilities, we also sometimes include the occasional alternate design (or two...or three...), especially with our event projects.

For example, during our four-hour Deck the Palms Spark Event, you'll create three projects: the Bulb Ornament Zipper Pouch,  Let's Flamingle Cinch Sack, and the darling Palm Tree Charm. (See below.)


BUT . . .

You'll also go home with alternate designs, too, including the Present Zipper PouchRound Ornament Zipper PouchLet's Party Cinch Sack, and THREE additional charms (the Flamingo, Flip-Flop, and Gift Tag)! 


You might also notice that these alternate designs come in two different sizes, too! That's a whole lot "bang for your buck," as the saying goes. 


Bonus Projects

Have you ever stitched a Kimberbell feature quilt? If so, you'll know that we usually include a few bonus designs, just for fun. For example, here are the bonus designs you'll receive with your Spring Showers quilt.

Spring Showers 1

The Life is Bee-utiful Wall Hanging, May Flowers Tea Towel, and Felt Bouquet Hoop shown above are just extra designs you get in addition to the 40 x40 Spring Showers quilt. And they all coordinate so very well. 😊


SVG Files

Did you know that we also include SVG files on just about every Kimberbell project we release? You can use SVG files to cut applique fabric on electronic cutting machines, which saves the time and effort of trimming.

Kimberbell Cutie

For example, you might use the SVG file to cut out these darling applique hearts on our February Kimberbell Cutie! (Learn more about using SVG files for machine embroidery applique HERE! )



Every now and then we'll also include a freebie with your project. For example, when you buy a Save the Date Pillow Panel, you'll receive your purchased design PLUS a free February 14th panel!


It's always fun to get a free design, am I right?  Speaking of which, ask your favorite quilt shop about Digital Dealer Exclusives freebies like the Taco Cord Organizer and What's the Buzz Keychain! 



Let's go back to my bread analogy from the beginning of this post. Guess what? We actually DO include a recipe for success with every single project! That "recipe" is our exceptional step-by-step instructions. 


If you've ever made a Kimberbell project, you know very well how superior our instructions are. I simply can't overstate the value of full-color directions that walk you through your project from start to finish! 


Hidden Gems

So, what are your favorite hidden gems with Kimberbell (or ME Time) projects? A bonus design discovered in your Bella Box? An alternate design on your event USB?  More sizes than you ever knew were there? 

Or maybe you just really, really love the instructions. 

I hope this gives you a glimpse of the incredible value you receive when you purchase a Kimberbell product. These extra touches are intentionally included to help you Experience the Joy of Creativity® to the fullest! 


If you've never tried a Kimberbell project before, I invite you to download this FREE Mug Rug design HERE as a little "taste test."  (Yep, I'm going back to that bread analogy again . . .maybe it's lunchtime?) 😀

Happy stitching, everyone!



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