Stabilizer Spotlight: Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away

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What is Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away?

A few weeks ago, I posted about Kimberbell's Light Mesh Cut-Away, one of our most-used machine embroidery stabilizers. But...did you know we also have an Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away?

As its name implies, Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away is basically our Light Mesh Cut-Away, only lighter. 😊 (Pretty self-explanatory, huh?!) 

Why Use Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away?

Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away is ideal for use with wovens, knits, stretchy fabrics, and other projects needing permanent reinforcement. You'll especially want to use this stabilizer on baby quilts and piecing projects!

For example, you could use Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away in a pieced pillow like this one:


Like all Cut-Aways, this stabilizer stays in your project and provides continued support for embroidered stitches. Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away is so soft, supple, and light you won't even know it's there! It just disappears into the fabric behind your quilt block. After embroidering, you'll simply trim the excess away.

How is Kimberbell Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away Different?

Kimberbell Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away stays smooth and taut in the hoop without any stretching. It's strong for fancy stitch work, yet light enough that it becomes part of the fabric without shadowing or adding bulk.

Like our other stabilizers, Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away has been thoroughly tested in our Product Development Lab. You can expect excellent results! 

Where Can I Find Kimberbell Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away?

Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away comes in a 12" roll. You can purchase this stabilizer anywhere Kimberbell products are sold. 


Since this is a Cut-Away and is therefore classified in the ORANGE family, be sure to look for the LIGHT ORANGE/YELLOW label! (The lighter the shade, the lighter the stabilizer.)

Happy stitching! 😀


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