Stabilizer Spotlight: Light Mesh Cut-Away

LIght Mesh Cut-Away

What is Light Mesh Cut-Away?

Like all Cut-Away stabilizers, Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away is ideal for wovens, knits, stretchy fabrics, and other projects needing permanent reinforcement.

Now, we shouldn't play favorites but...this stabilizer just might rank toward the very top. 😀 We use Light Mesh Cut-Away on many, many Kimberbell projects, so trust me when I say you're gonna LOVE it! 

For example, we used Light Mesh Cut-Away with the block-by-block quilting method on our  Nativity Bench Pillow


...but that's only the beginning. We've also used Light Mesh Cut-Away in Kimberbell Cuties, Holiday Jar Toppers & Gift Tags, Cup of Cheer, and so much more!

Why Use Light Mesh Cut-Away?

Light Mesh Cut-Away stays in your project and provides continued support for embroidered stitches. But this stabiilzer is so soft and supple you won't even know it's there! It just disappears into the fabric behind your quilt block. After embroidering, you'll simply trim the excess away.

How is Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away Different?

Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away is smooth and taut without any stretching. Like our other stabilizers, it's been tested and tested and tested in our Product Development Lab. You can be confident that this high-quality stabilizer will give you excellent results! 

Where Can I Find Kimberbell Light Mesh Cut-Away?

Light Mesh Cut-Away comes in 12" rolls, 20" rolls, and precuts for 5x7 hoops. You can purchase this stabilizer through your favorite quilt shop.  Since this is a Cut-Away, be sure to look for the ORANGE label!

Light Mesh

If you've used Light Mesh Cut-Away before, please drop a comment below! I'd love to hear about your experience with this remarkable stabilizer!



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