Stabilizer Spotlight: Light Tear-Away

Light Tear-Away

What is Light Tear-Away?

Light Tear-Away is a stabilizer that tears easily and neatly away from embroidered areas. In general, you'll choose Tear-Away when stitching on tightly woven, non-stretch fabrics such as cotton, denim, vinyl, leather, felt, terry cloth, chambray, poplin, canvas, or anything else not stretchy.

Why Use Light Tear-Away?

Tear-Aways are ideal for projects where you don't want any stabilizer to remain behind. Light Tear Away is especially great for lightweight fabrics and designs with a low stitch count (12,000 stitches or less).

It's easy to remove and also great for piecing projects!

How is Kimberbell Light Tear-Away Different?

Like our other stabilizers, Kimberbell Light Tear-Away has been tested time and again in our Product Development Lab. You can be confident that this  stabilizer will give you excellent results! 

Where Can I Find Kimberbell Light Tear-Away?

Light Tear-Away comes in 12" rolls, 20" rolls, and precuts for 5x7 hoops. You can purchase this stabilizer through your favorite quilt shop.  

Since this is a Tear-Away and is therefore classified in the RED family, be sure to look for the PINK label! (The lighter the shade, the lighter the stabilizer. Heavy Tear-Away is a dark red.)


If you've used Light Tear-Away before, please drop a comment below! Happy stitching! 😀



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