5 Reasons to Visit Your Quilt Shop


Well, friends, online shopping is at its heyday. We order stuff while in our jammies and it's delivered right to our doorstep.  And that's great, of course, but...

There's nothing like visiting a store in person to actually touch the merchandise, ask questions of the employees, and smile at the people who are right there with you.

People need people. We need the energy and stimulation of interacting with each other. And machine embroiderers absolutely need their local quilt shop community! Let's explore five reasons why.

Note: if you don't live near a quilt shop, it's okay! So many shops have a thriving online presence and are happy to bring a wonderful experience to you. 

#1: They Have the Knowledge 

The staff at your local quilt shop know their inventory inside and out. They're more than happy to answer questions and give you the guidance you need. 


There's simply no substitute for a quilt shop's expertise on fabric, machines, threads, or techniques. They can let you try a machine. They can give you a demo. (Ask about Demo December!) They teach in a hands-on way!

You just can't get that kind of help from a landing page or an indifferent employee at a big box store.

#2: They Know Your Name

Keep popping into your favorite shop and, believe me, they'll get to know you by name. You'll develop a relationship with the staff to the point where walking into the shop is like walking into your second home. 


When I walk into my local quilt shop, I hear, "Hello, Jenny!" And that means something to me. 

I can't tell you how many times shop owners have told us how much they love their customers. They say things like, "My customers are my dearest friends," or "My customers are like family." or "So-and-so would love this!"

Shop owners and staff look out for their customers, and those kinds of relationships are priceless. Which brings us to number three....

#3: They Know What Their Customers Want

When shop owners go to industry trade shows, they walk the floors looking for what their customers want. They say things like, "I'm going to bring this into my shop because I know that so-and-so would enjoy this."


We know this because we go to industry trade shows, too, and we hear it over and over again.

Shops are constantly looking for products and techniques their customers will love. Yes, they're a business and need to make a profit . . .but your success, joy, and creative fulfilment are a super high priority to them.

You're a real person to your quilt shop. You have a face and a name and specific tastes. And you matter.

#4: They Offer Clubs & Classes

Quilt shops also provide a variety of clubs and classes, which are valuable in SO many ways! For example, they'll often let you try out a machine and teach you new and exciting techniques! 


These clubs and classes also give you the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you. Ask your shop about monthly Kimberbell clubs (such as Digital Dealer Exclusives), sewalongs, and more!

Again, if you don't have a local quilt shop, you can take virtual classes or events and still enjoy a supportive online community. (Our Kimberbellas & Fellas Facebook group is a great place to start!) 😀

#5:  They Provide Inspiration

Quilt shops are a place of great creative inspiration. Walk in the doors and you'll see finished quilts, pillows, and other projects and be inspired by what YOU can create! 


There's nothing like touching the fabrics, holding a finished project in your hands, and imagining how fun it would be to make that project yourself.

If you're looking at a shop sample, that also means that your shop actually made the project themselves and can answer all of your questions!

Shout Out For Shops

Well, friends, I could keep going on and on about the reasons why it's a great idea to visit your quilt shop, whether in person or online. I hope you'll take a minute this holiday season to let them know you love and appreciate them!

As a Kimberbell staff, we work very closely with our shops to help you Experience the Joy of Creativity.®  They truly do care about you . . .and so do we!

If anyone wants to give a shout out to their shop here on the blog, feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts and experiences! 

Happy shopping!




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