Kimberbell Orange Doodle Paper Tape Dispenser Now Available!


Kimberbell's Orange Doodle Paper Tape Dispenser is now available from your favorite quilt shop! Designed specifically for Kimberbell Paper Tape, our darling dispenser is a must-have for your sewing and machine embroidery projects. 


Kimberbell Paper Tape



Well, it all begins with Kimberbell Paper Tape. Perfect for in-the-hoop machine embroidery projects, our paper tape securely holds applique fabric, Kimberbellishments, and more while you stitch! (We use it every single day here at Kimberbell.) Paper tape tears easily away from your project, with no sticky residue on the needle. You can even use Kimberbell Paper Tape on the underside of the hoop without rolling!

Believe me, I keep several rolls of Kimberbell Paper Tape on hand and use it for all of my machine embroidery projects. (My guess is that you do, too!)

And that's why the Orange Doodle Tape Dispenser is such an exciting product. Not only is it perfectly sized for a roll of Kimberbell Paper Tape, the dispenser itself is weighted and durable, with super-sharp metal teeth for cleanly ripping each piece.

It's also very cute (of course!), matching the Orange Doodles pattern from our Kimberbell Basics fabric line. Find Kimberbell's Orange Doodle Paper Tape Dispenser today at your favorite quilt shop!



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