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Where do machine embroiderers go to make exclusive projects, learn new techniques, and enjoy camaraderie with other stitching enthusiasts? A Kimberbell event , of course! 😊

These uniquely creative experiences are hosted by Kimberbell Certified Shops around the world. You can attend one in person OR virtually. You're sure to have a good time either way!

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Below are just a few reasons why machine embroiderers love Kimberbell events and why they keep coming back for more. (If you've ever been to an event, please let me know which one(s) in the comments below!) 


Exclusive Projects

All event projects are exclusive to that specific event, meaning you can't get them anywhere else. And my goodness, the event projects are so fun and diverse!

We have one-day, two-day, and Spark Events to choose from. Here's a sample of what types of projects you can expect to make at a Kimberbell event!

Spark Events

Spark Events are four hours long, which is the perfect length for a beginner (or anyone with a busy schedule). At Spark Events, you'll make 2-3 small projects but go home with additional files to stitch later.  

Here are the projects you'll make at Kimberbell's Deck the Palms Spark Event: the Bulb Ornament Zipper Pouch, Palm Tree Charm, and Let's Flamingle Cinch Sack. Spark Event projects can be made in a 5x7 hoop. 

Deck the Palms

One-Day Events

The projects you'll make at a one-day event have just a tad more ooomph to them. You'll still make around three projects or so, but the projects take a little more time to create.

For example, here are the projects you'll make at Kimberbell's Day at the Spa Event: the Floral Rope Bowl, Relax Zipper Pouch, and the Soap Pouch.  These projects are made in a 6x10 hoop.

Day at the Spa

Two-Day Events

Because there's more time, you'll make even more projects at a two-day event. For example, at Easter Tier Tray you'll make eight projects and arrange them on a beautiful wooden tray (included in your kit)!

You'll also go home with four additional designs to stitch later, so all in all you'll have 12 designs total: eight made at the event and four extras. All of these projects are made in 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, and 8x12 hoops.

Easter Tier Tray

I hope this gives you a taste of the kinds of exclusive projects you'll make at our events. (Remember, we have much more than the three events I mentioned above!) See our entire event library HERE


New Techniques

Another reason why machine embroiderers love Kimberbell events is because they're a place to learn new techniques and discover the many incredible things an embroidery machine can do.

For example, at our upcoming Gingerbread Christmas event, attendees will learn how to make a three- dimensional Sugar & Spice Gingerbread House to display in the (included!) glass cloche. 


Isn't that lovely? We try to introduce a new machine embroidery skill with every project so your confidence will increase. (You can create more on your embroidery machine than you may think!)


Fun Friendships

Another reason embroiderers love going to Kimberbell events is to gather with friends who enjoy the same hobby. It's just extra fun being able to share tips, ideas, and help while making the same projects together!

By the way . . . it's also really nice to have access to a teacher who knows how to make each project! 😉

Fun 1


Attendee Project Kit

Another perk of going to a Kimberbell event is receiving the Attendee Project Kit, which contains the embellishments, blanks, fabrics, and other items you need to make each project! 

Attendee Project Kits come in a darling Kimberbell bag and even include a collectible event pin. 

Event Kit


Event Bonus CD

Machine embroidery enthusiasts also love the chance to earn the exclusive Event Bonus CD. You can only earn that specific Event Bonus CD by spending $100 on Kimberbell product during a the event!

For example, if you attend the Easter Tier Tray event, you'd have the opportunity to earn the Springtime Stuffies & Sentiments Bonus CD, which includes these sweet designs:



An Event for Everyone

I hope you'll enjoy a Kimberbell event  with your favorite quilt shop soon! We introduce new ones (and retire old ones) after awhile, so keep an eye on what events are currently offered.

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Please drop a comment below and tell me what YOUR favorite Kimberbell event is. Happy stitching!



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