Using Your "Dream, Plan, Do" Folio From The Bella Box™


Dream, Plan, Do!

One of the popular projects from Kimberbell's Live Creatively Bella Box is the "Dream, Plan, Do" Folio. (Have you made yours?) With flaps, folds, pockets, and pouches, our folio is just the thing for on-the-go inspiration.

Wondering how to use your "Dream, Plan, Do" Folio? Here are some ideas from the Kimberbell staff!


10 Ways to Use Your Folio

  • "As a college student, I’d use the folio to keep my life organized with pens, pencils, my calculator and my iClicker. Then I'd use the white board for practice problems and the notebook as a planner!” (Emily, Product Manager)


  • "It's a perfect busy book for my daughter at restaurants or in the car. I'd just throw in blank paper, coloring sheets, pens, pencils, and Expo markers for the white board."  (Jasmine, Senior Graphic Designer)


  • "The folio is great for classes and keeping track of unfinished projects." (Sheirah, Product Assurance Specialist)


  • "As a writer, I'm lost without a notebook handy. The "Dream, Plan, Do" Folio is the right size to slip into my purse so I have what I need when inspiration strikes!" (Jenny, Copywriter)


  • "It's great for menu planning or budgeting. I love cute things to write in and being organized so it's a win-win!" (Barbi, Relationship Account Manager)


  • "It's perfect for my Dungeons and Dragons character sheet!" (Stacie, Marketing Specialist)


  • "It's an awesome road trip kit for kids with the zipper pocket for their treasures, a notebook for doodling and games, and a place to hold their pens." (Kinsey, Research & Analytics)


  • "My mom is an artist and always has a folio with her so she can sketch stuff out or write down ideas." (Lexi, Relationship Account Manager)


  • "My daughter is artsy and loves to keep all of her sketches and favorite drawing pens/pencils in it." (Tori, Product Manager)


  • "I’d use it as a place to hold a bunch of sketching materials, with a plethora of pens, markers, and pencils for all of my ideas." (Andrew, Videographer)






Want More?

For a limited time only, we have a few extra folios available to purchase HERE on our website!  (Note: To make additional folios, you must have the exclusive design files and instructions from the Live Creatively Bella Box.)

We'd love to hear how you're using your folio to Experience the Joy of Creativity™! Please comment below, or share your projects on our Kimberbellas (and Fellas) Facebook Group. :) 

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