The Many Wonderful Qualities of Machine Embroidery Enthusiasts


This is a post all about YOU. Why? Because you're amazing! I've worked in this industry for many years now, and I've learned who you are. You're kind. You're creative. You're generous. You're dedicated. You're loyal. 

You are a machine embroidery enthusiast. 

So let's celebrate all you are and the big difference you're making in this world, one stitch at a time.


You're Kind

Whether giving tips to a friend at a Kimberbell event or sharing words of encouragement on our Kimberbellas [and Fellas, Too!]  Facebook group, you want to help. You want to support. You want to give. You are kind. 💛

Kind 1


You're Creative

Of course, machine embroiderers are also highly creative. Just scroll through our Facebook group and you'll  be inspired by the many beautiful, diverse, and unique projects you're making. You are (so very) creative! 💛



You're Generous

I've also seen, time and again, how generous you are. During the Kimberbear movement, for example, machine embroiderers made tens of thousands of Kimberbears for charities around the world. You are generous! 💛


Tip: You can still download the FREE Kimberbear pattern HERE


You're Dedicated

Who else has your patience and commitment? From feature quilts to bench pillows, machine embroiderers have the dedication it takes to make something truly magnificent. You are dedicated. 💛



You're Loyal

Another wonderful quality of machine embroiderers is loyalty. You have loyalty to your shop, loyalty to our brand, and loyalty to each other. Thank you so much for your friendship and support! You are loyal. 💛



I hope you know how much we recognize and appreciate your goodness, your tenacity, and your desire to make your life and the life of those around you more beautiful.

You're not just customers to usyou're friends. Thank you for the many ways you continually inspire us!

You are loved. 💛



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