Stabilizer Spotlight: Wash-Away Topping

Wash-Away Topping

What is Wash-Away Topping?

Wash-Away Topping is a stabilizer that looks a lot like the plastic wrap in your kitchen drawer. But it's so much better than anything you'd wrap around a sandwich! (Well, it's better for embroidery. Keep using the plastic wrap for your food needs. 😉)

Why Use Wash-Away Topping?

Hooped (or floated) on top of your embroidery projects, Wash-Away Topping prevents stitches from sinking into the nap. 

You see, stitches tend to disappear into high-pile fabrics and, therefore, aren't very visible. When you use Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping on terry cloth, minky, velvet, knits, fleece, and more, the smooth surface of the stabilizer holds the pile down, allowing stitches to sit nicely on top!

Tip: If you don't want to hoop the topping with your fabric and backing, cut a piece big enough to cover the embroidered area and use Kimberbell Paper Tape to secure the corners! 

How is Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping Different?

As with our other stabilizers, Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping is thoroughly tested on every brand of embroidery machine...all day, every day. You can be sure our topping meets the highest standards of quality! 

The needle perforations also make it very easy to remove the excess when you're finished. Simply rip the topping away and then dissolve the remaining pieces with a spritz of water! 


Where Can I Find Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping?

Find Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping at your favorite quilt shop! Since this is a Wash-Away, be sure to look for the BLUE label. 

Wash-Away Topping

Kimberbell Wash-Away Topping is a must-have for every machine embroiderer.  You'll find that a little goes a long way in your machine embroidery results.

When purchasing Kimberbell stabilizer, be sure to also pick up our coordinating Slap Bands to keep your rolls tidy, labeled, and easy to find!

Happy stitching!





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