Stabilizer Spotlight: Wash-Away Sticky-Back

Wash-Away Sticky-Back

Have you discovered Kimberbell's Wash-Away Sticky-Back stabilizer? (It's a game-changer!)

Sticky-back stabilizers are not something you typically find in other stabilizer lines, but they're very important to the Kimberbell brand. We love our Wash-Away Sticky-Back! 

What is Wash-Away Sticky-Back?

Wash-Away Sticky-Back is a little different than other stabilizers: there's the regular stabilizer side, and there's a glossy paper side. Beneath the glossy paper is an adhesive that will hold your project in place. 

Why Use Wash-Away Sticky-Back?

You'll want to use Wash-Away Sticky-Back for hard-to-hoop projects like aprons, totes, T-shirts, etc. Because of the adhesive, you don't have to wrangle those blank items into a hoopyou just float them right on top!


It's not even difficult to hoop the stabilizer. Just loosen your hoop a tad and make sure the glossy paper is facing up. Once hooped, score the paper with scissors, peel it off, and place your project on the sticky part.

Then just sit back and enjoy that wonderful machine embroidery magic...


How is Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-Back Different?

When we were developing this product, it was very important to us that we'd be able to score the paper without damaging the stabilizer beneath. And we were able to make that happen!

It was also important that the adhesive be easily repositionableand it is. This is a wonderful feature because if you don't line things up right the first time, you can just peel your blank off and try it again. Once you're done, your project will stay nice and stuck (even if you've repositioned it several times). 

After you're all done stitching, simply peel your project off, trim the excess, and dissolve any remaining Wash-Away with cool water. 


Where Can I Find Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-Back?

Find Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-Back at your favorite quilt shop! Since this is a Wash-Away, be sure to look for the BLUE label.


I look forward to exploring other Kimberbell Stabilizers with you over the weeks to come! 😊




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