Repurposing Your Kimberbell Designs


So, you finished that amazing Kimberbell project. Hooray! I suppose the fun is all over now, right?

Nope! Because one of the wonderful things about Kimberbell projects is that they often include lots of designs, all of which can be reused in a variety of ways.

After all, you already have the designs. So why not enjoy them to the fullest? Let's take a look at just three ways you can repurpose a Kimberbell design. 


#1: Combine Designs

Kim made this darling Country Fair pillow last year by combining designs from different projects.

She used the blue ribbon and pies from our Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow, the watermelon and cherry blocks from Sweet Land of Liberty, and flowers from Fun with Fringe: Jars of Seasonal Flowers


It's amazing what you can create by combining elements from different projects. By the way, if you'd like the "recipe" for making this pillow, please click HERE! 


#2: Make it Personal

Last fall on Kimberbell's Inside the Hoop show, Ginger took the Hay Ride block from Kimberbell's Falling for Autumn feature quilt and personalized the design with names for her husband and grandson.

Just that one block from a Kimberbell project turned into matching shirts perfect for fall! 


Click HERE to see the Inside the Hoop episode where Ginger made these shirts. (Psst! You can also buy this truck design HERE as part of our Buy-a-Block program!) 


#3: Stitch on Blanks

Another way to repurpose a Kimberbell design is to stitch it on tote bags, tea towels, or other embroiderable blanks. 

For example, this darling wagon design came from Kimberbell's Spring Showers quilt. We stitched it on a Felt Zipper Pouch Blank (zipper already included) to give with fun gardening tools! 

Spring Bag

We also added silver Embroidery Leather to the wagon for extra shine. It's fun to reimagine designs with different embellishments.


These are just three examples of ways you can rediscover and enjoy the designs you already own. How have you repurposed Kimberbell designs? Be sure to share your projects on Kimberbellas [and Fellas, Too!].

There are so many ways to Experience the Joy of Creativity® with Kimberbell.  Happy stitching!



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