Quilting Through the Seasons Ladder Quilt


One Quilt, Four Seasons

My friends, I'm  SO excited to talk with you about Kimberbell's Quilting Through the Seasons Ladder Quilt! It's unlike anything we've ever done before and couldn't be more fun. Here's how it works:

You make one 20 x 60" farmhouse-style quilt in neutral fabrics and display that quilt all year long. You'll also make four sets of designs for winter, spring, summer, and fall. These designs are separate, interchangeable pieces that you'll place on the quilt for each new season!

In other words, you're using just one quilt to celebrate all four seasons. Simply switch out the designs and voila! A whole new look for your quilt. It's classy and lovely in every way!

So, without any further ado, let's take a close look at this fabulous project. 😍


Winter Season ❄️

Interactive Elements

Here are the designs you'll stitch for the winter season. Aren't they beautiful? The frosty flowers! The ice skates! The cozy sweater! So darling. These are the interchangeable pieces you'll place on your quilt. 


Winter Quilt

  . . .and here's how those pieces look on the quilt. (They attach with buttons, hook & loops, etc.) As you can see, your beautiful, neutral quilt is transforming into a stunning wintertime showpiece! 

Winter Quilt

Notice the framed snowflakes, sweater, and skis, the Brr! banner, the ice skates, the "Snow Place Like Home" block, and the flowers. See where each of them goes? 

Now let's leave winter behind, 'cause spring's just around the corner . . .


Spring Season 🌷

Interactive Elements

Here are the elements you'll enjoy stitching for spring. Aren't they fresh and pretty and perfect? I love the tulip block, the umbrella, the butterflies . . .I'm definitely feeling spring fever right now!


Spring Quilt

These darling elements change your winter quilt into a spring celebration! Notice the wreath in the upper left corner. Aren't those flowers gorgeous? They're just the right pop of color. 

Spring Quilt

I love the pretty pastels of the spring designs. Also notice the elements that DON'T change such as the sentiments, the patchwork, and that "tweet" little bird. (And that reflective mirror in the gallery wall!)

Spring is delightful in every way, but let's now head into summer! 


Summer Season 🍋

Interactive Elements

When summer rolls around, you'll be ready to leave umbrellas and tulips behind. So say, "Hello summer!" with a beach tote, bumblebee, summer flowers, and refreshing lemons and berries!


Summer Quilt

Here's what your summer quilt looks like when it's all put together. Take a look at the bicycle . . .did you know the baskets are actually little pockets? Each season has a unique element that slips right into those baskets!  

Summer Quilt

You know, every time I show you a season, I think it's my new favorite. 😀 Take a look at the wreath again. Guess what? You actually make those dimensional berries and lemons right on your embroidery machine! 

Now let's say goodbye to sunny, cheerful summer so we can start celebrating fall! 


Fall Season 🍂

Interactive Elements

Here are the fall designs in all of their splendor. Look at the pumpkin patchwork block! The sunflowers! The leaves! (Oh, and by the way . . .do you recognize that little fox in the frame? Yep, it's our buddy Felix!



Fall Quilt

Here's the quilt in the process of being switched for fall. See where everything goes? Take a minute to notice each darling detail, including the framed leaves, fall banner, and so much more!

Fall Quilt

It's actually really fascinating to me to scroll through these pictures and notice which elements are changing and which stay the same all year. I'm telling you, this quilt is unlike any other!

And now that you've seen all four seasons, which is your favorite? And where do you picture this quilt in your home? We've called it a ladder quilt, because it can go on a ladder. But there are so many other places a skinny quilt like this can go, from doors and nooks to just the right size of wall!


Embellishment Kit

As you can see, this quilt features a variety of dimensional embellishments including  Embroidery Felt, Velveteen, Embroidery Leather, reflective mirror fabric, and so much more. You can find all of these delightful details in our Quilting Through the Seasons Embellishment Kit! 


You can purchase this embellishment kit, along with a Quilting Through the Seasons Fabric Kit, wherever Kimberbell products are sold. (It really is very nice to have everything you need at your fingertips.) 😊


Optional Background Quilting

As with many of our Kimberbell projects, we also have an optional background quilting bundle that coordinates perfectly with this project! Here's just a little taste of some of the designs: 


Fun fact: The quilted poem was written by yours truly and says this: 

Spring Summer Fall  Winter

The seasons come, the seasons go,
And through them all I love you so.
With every breath of joy and pain
Our hearts, together strong, remain.
That's a little behind-the-scenes info I thought I'd throw in here, just in case you wondered what the words were. 😊 You can purchase your Quilting Through the Seasons Background Quilting Bundle HERE! 

Coordinating Tote Bag

One last thing. We also have a coordinating Quilting Through the Seasons Tote perfect for storing your seasonal embellishments (or even just quilting supplies) . This tote is a roomy 18 x 18" with sturdy handles. 

Click HERE to see what it looks like on both sides! 


Always in Season

Well, my friends, that's the Quilting Through the Seasons Ladder Quilt. What do you think? I'd really love to know your thoughts and which season is your favorite, so be sure to drop a comment below!
Purchase Quilting Through the Seasons and its coordinating products wherever Kimberbell products are sold.
As the quilt says: "I'm going to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life."  I hope you have the BEST TIME making your world a little more beautiful! 


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