Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor


Brighten sewing room walls and more with Kimberbell's Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor! Our darling, themed collection includes one 26 x 38" quilt, three mini 12 x 12" quilts, two mini hoops, hanging photo frames, and dimensional pincushions. You can make ALL projects in a 5x7 machine embroidery hoop! 

"Tailor Made" For Stitching Enthusiasts

Available SOON at your favorite quilt shop, Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor features Kimberbell's new (gorgeous!) Vintage Flora fabric and a variety of embellishments.

You might say this collection was "tailor made" for anyone who loves to stitch.  😊 Notice how everything coordinates so perfectly!

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (414)

Let's take a close look at each project and imagine the possibilities together.

One 26 x 38" Sew Happy Quilt

Our 26 x 38" Sew Happy Quilt includes a vintage sewing machine, pieced thread spools, an applique dress form, and more. Add optional quilting with our Oh, Sew Delightful! Background Quilting Bundle sold HERE!

A soft pincushion of crimson Velveteen holds Bloomin' Pins, while other blocks feature an Applique Glitter iron, stylish scissors, and  beautiful buttons. (Also notice the measuring tape inner border!) 

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (2)

Three 12 x 12" Mini Quilts 

From wall hangings and pillows to table toppers and more, what would you do with THREE 12 x 12" mini quilts? Designs include Running on Empty, Sewing is My Sunshine, and Playing With Scissors. 

Running on Empty 

Our Running on Empty Mini Quilt includes nine blocks of applique spools...and one of them just ran out of thread! (Can you relate?)

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (336)

Sewing Is My Sunshine Mini Quilt

Our Sewing Is My Sunshine Mini Quilt  features jars of Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl  filled with buttons, pins, and spool cards wrapped in ribbon. (Seriously! The dimensional elements! 😍)

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (294)

Playing With Scissors Mini Quilt

Our Playing With Scissors Mini Quilt is "shear" fun with applique scissors and a patchwork border. Add a shiny metal brad to the center of each scissor!

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (464)

Two Hoop Designs

Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor also comes with two hoop designs: Sew Happy and Home Hoop

Sew Happy Hoop

Stitch your Sew Happy design on embroidery mesh and it looks like you cross-stitched by hand! Frame your design in Kimberbell's 3 1/2" Bamboo Hoop

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (374)

Home Hoop

What would you do with this sweet Home Hoop design? Frame it in a 3 1/2" Bamboo Hoop, or maybe make a adorable jar topper as shown below? Sew many possibilities! 

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (474)

Dimensional Pincushions

Our Dimensional Pincushion is an iconic tomato and comes in two sizes: one for a 5x7 hoop, and one for a 6x10 hoop. Use Kimberbell Velveteen and Embroidery Felt for an extra-soft touch!

Just look at that wool felt strawberry, too! (You might want to pick up an extra package of Bloomin' Pins at your favorite quilt shop! Do you notice how they match the Vintage Flora fabric?)

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (392)

Quilted Picture Frames

Make your Quilted Picture Frames with a variety of fabrics. The "glass" is  Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl, the picture pocket is made of  Embroidery Felt, and the frame base is Shape Form Interfacing.

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (438)

Background Quilting

As I mentioned above, there's also an Oh, Sew Delightful! Background Quilting Bundle sold separately on kimberbell.com. Though certainly always optional, quilting elevates your project in incredible ways. 

Here's just one example. Take a look at the pink square below and see how the quilting design features pincushions, thread spools, scissors, and more! See what I mean? NEXT LEVEL.

KD813-Oh-Sew-Delightful-Highres (230)

By the way, please remember to always enter your shop's Affiliate Link whenever you purchase Kimberbell background quilting designs! We appreciate it, and so do they. 😊

Oh, Sew Delightful Embellishment Kit

As I mentioned above, we've gathered the "delightful" details for your projects in our Oh, Sew Delightful! Embellishment Kit! Celebrate stitching with exclusive Bloomin’ Pins, beautiful buttons, and more. 


The Oh, Sew Delightful Embellishment Kit includes: brads, buttons, wool felt strawberries, Embroidery Felt, Applique Glitter, floss, Embroidery Leather, Embroidery Mesh, Bloomin’ Pins, ribbon, safety pins, spool cards, twine, Velveteen, a tapestry needle, and Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl.

Note: The embellishment kit does NOT include Bamboo Hoops, Flexi Foam, Fiberfill, Project Batting, or Shape Form. 

Ask your favorite quilt shop for the embellishment kit, stabilizer, and the Vintage Flora fabric. They may even have the fabric kit from Maywood Studio...

Life is Oh, Sew Delightful! Tote

Again, ALL of the above projects come with Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor. And, as the cherry on top, we even have a coordinating Life is Oh, Sew Delightful Large Tote! 

KDMR156-Life-Is-Sew-Delightful-Tote-Bag-Highres (6)

This beautiful 18 x 18" bag is perfect for fabric, notions, instructions, and more. Wouldn't this be a fun gift for a stitching enthusiast friend? Find our Life is Oh, Sew Delightful Large Tote at your favorite quilt shop! 

Kimberbell Resource Guide

Our team has also put together a FREE resource guide for you to learn from and enjoy. This guide includes tips, tricks, and techniques for a variety of machine embroidery projects.


Learn about hooping, how to do binding, how to sew sashing strips, and so much more. Click the link below to find and download this FREE guide! We hope you'll print it out and keep it handy in your sewing room. 😀

Kimberbell Resource Guide

Beyond the Sewing Room...

As with any Kimberbell project, the creative possibilities go so much farther than the original quilt, pillow, or wall hanging. Think beyond your sewing room walls, because the sky's the limit! 

And remember, your shop wants you to succeed as much as we do. Ask them about Oh, Sew Delightful! Quilts & Decor classes, sew-alongs, or anything else you need to Experience the Joy of Creativity more fully. 

Let the delighting begin...




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