Meet the Kimberbell Team: Tiffany


Meet Tiffany

Tiffany is the ecommerce shipping lead, so her job is overseeing the shipping of products that go directly to customers. (For example, if you have a ME Time subscription, Tiffany's team ships it!)

The thing Tiffany enjoys most about her job is her amazing shipping team. (They do seem to have a lot of fun out in the warehouse . . . they listen to THE BEST music while they work!) 

Fun Facts About Tiffany

Tiffany is the "undercover agent" in her family, meaning she loves doing a lot of sneaky sleuthing to find  perfect gifts for the people she loves. Some of her tricks include making up white lies, saying an item is for someone else (when it's really for the person she's talking to), and keeping a LOT of secrets. 😉

If asked what she does in her free time, she'll say, "What's that?" But when she does have the occasional moment to herself, Tiffany enjoys learning to use her new embroidery machine! She also loves everything from the show Friends and prefers TV episodes that are 30, not 60, minutes. 

Tiffany's very favorite hobby is napping, she does NOT like bacon, and she thinks the best movie quotes come from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove.

Tiffany is a cheerful addition to the Kimberbell team and we're so glad she's here!




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