Meet the Kimberbell Team: Tanner


Meet Tanner

Tanner is Kimberbell's financial controller, so his job is tracking the business money and keeping it all straight. He loves crunching numbers, but most of all he loves his team and everyone he works with at Kimberbell! 

And speaking of money . . .something that surprised Tanner about being an adult is how much everything costs. (He never would've thought! 😳) 

Fun Facts About Tanner

If he could travel anywhere in the world, Tanner would want to go to New Zealand with his lovely wife. (Sounds fun!) And if he could switch bodies with anyone for just 24 hours, he'd choose Mark Cuban because he thinks it would be interesting to live a day of his life.

The best Christmas gift Tanner ever received was the Dewalt drill his wife gave to him. And the best gift he has given to her was a beautiful necklace with a "T" and a pine tree, since she loves both pine trees and Tanner!

Tanner was raised in a family of five boys and his wife came from a family of four girls, so they both had to do a little adjusting upon their union. By the way . . .Tanner's brother, Dallin, also works at Kimberbell! Maybe you remember meeting them both on Kimberbell Day? (Just click HERE and go to about the 5:31 mark.) 😊

We're so glad Tanner is part of the Kimberbell team! 



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