Match the Pet to the Kimberbell Owner! Celebrate Playful Pet Kerchiefs for Machine Embroidery with our Fun Matching Game.


At Kimberbell, we LOVE our pets. They're an important part of our families, and each one of us thinks our pet is the best! Below are images of Kimberbell pets and their owners, all mixed up.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to figure out which pet belongs to which Kimberbell staff member. Just take a look at these lovable, furry faces:

The Pets

The Owners

...And here are the faces of the owners. (As you'll notice, some are furrier than others.)

The Game

So, what do you think? Play along with us by putting your guesses in the comments below! (For example, "Mattee/Milo.") Answers will be published on Friday!

Oh, and here's a little hint...

My dog is the cutest. :)

We can't wait to tell you more about Kimberbell's Playful Pet Kerchiefs (coming soon to a quilt shop near you)!



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