Life Is Better In Full Bloom Pillow!

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Looking for a happy project to celebrate spring? Kimberbell's new Life is Better in Full Bloom Pillow is now available as a digital download! 

Click HERE for Life Is Better In Full Bloom Pillow! 

Please remember to enter your shop's affiliate link so they can get credit for the purchase. 😊

Like Let Me Call You Tweetheart ,  Merry Christmas Y'all, and our other 22 x 22" pillows, this Kimberbell project was inspired by a classic 40 x 40" wall hanging. The original wall hanging (for sewing only) is still available in the Kimberbell Vault HERE. 

Please note that the original wall hanging and this new pillow are completely different projects. The 40 x 40" wall hanging is sewing only, while the 22 x 22" pillow is for machine embroidery. 

Let's take a close look at every darling detail of the new pillow! This project is made in 5x7 (and larger) machine embroidery hoops and features a variety of techniques. 

Pieced Roses & Poofy Mushrooms

You won't believe how easy it is to piece three roses right in-the-hoop.  After adding dimensional stems, stitch two applique mushrooms with a poof of  Flexi Foam!


Applique Pinwheels & Fringed Caterpillar

Our applique pinwheels also feature Flexi Foam and decorative stitching. Fringe the cute caterpillar for a super-soft texture! (That caterpillar looks real enough to wiggle right off the block...)


Dresden Plate Flower

Our fabulous flower with Dresden Plate petals is beautifully stitched in shades of pink. Again, Flexi Foam adds a delightful poof to the center. 


Watering Can

Our watering can of Embroidery Leather is bursting with chenille and fringe flowers. (These techniques are so easy and SUPER FUN to do!) 


Applique Birdhouse

What little bird wouldn't want to call this home? Cheerful fabrics and decorative stitching make our birdhouse a beautiful block.


Sunny Sentiment & Butterfly

...And here's the block our pillow is named for! Stitch our sunny sentiment with Embroidery Felt flowers and add a whimsical applique butterfly below. 


Optional Background Quilting

Take your pillow to the next level of WOW with optional background quilting! Our curated bundle includes geometric designs, butterflies, birdhouses, watering cans, and more. You can purchase and download  the Life is Better in Full Bloom Quilting Bundle HERE.

With just one click, you'll receive block-by-block AND Clear Blue Tiles quilting files in a variety of sizes! (You can also purchase each design separately, if you prefer not to get the bundle.)


Because background quilting is optional, it's always a separate purchase. Remember, building your quilting library opens a world of creative possibilities for future projects!

For that matter....every single block of this project could be used in a variety of ways. Think outside the pillow! What else could you stitch that butterfly, birdhouse, or watering can on? 😊

Life is Better in Full Bloom

From the stitched sentiment to each darling detail, life is simply better in full bloom.  🌺 This project is also a lovely table topper or wall hanging!


After you've made your  pillow cover, just slip it over Kimberbell's 18 x 18" Pillow Insert! You can buy the pillow insert at your favorite quilt shop.

We hope you enjoy every sweet stitch! Remember to enter your shop's affiliate link for this and any other digital download, including background quilting.

Click HERE for Life Is Better In Full Bloom Pillow! 

I can't wait for you to have a bloomin' good time with this beautiful project! 




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