Meet the Kimberbell Softball Team!


When it comes to bench pillows, feature quilts, innovative tools, in-the-hoop projects,  step-by-step instructions (and more!), Kimberbell definitely hits it out of the park.

But machine embroidery projects aren't Kimberbell's only home run. Did you know we also play softball?

Yep. Every Monday night this summer, you can catch the Kimberbell softball team in our hometown league, battling other local businesses in a nitty-gritty fight to the finish!

Okay, so it's not that dramatic. But it is a lot of fun! 🙂 Let's go behind the scenes with the team, the mascot, and THE BEST cheering section the ballpark has ever seen! 

Meet the Team

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As you can see, our team wears the Kimberbell logo with pride. Here are the names behind the talent:

Bottom row:  Andrew, Stacie, Ashley, Kerrin, and Jeremy.
Second Row: Brielle, Anita, Natalie, Barbi, and Kensie.
Third Row: Nikhil, Britney, Jensyn, Mariah, and Libby
Back Row: Wayne, Ammon, Tyler, Will, and Ryan

Wayne (IT manager) even embroidered ALL of the team hats in Kimberbell's product development lab. (Now, how many teams can say they stitch their own hats? I'm guessing not many. Good job, Wayne!)

Meet the Mascot

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Every good team needs a mascot, and Kimberbell's "chonky bee" is as cute as a bug. Named for the wool felt bees on Kimberbell's Spring Showers quilt, our little mascot hasn't missed a game!

We may officially be the Kimberbell team, but the buzz among players and fans is that we're really the "Chonky Bees." 

Meet the Fans

As I mentioned earlier, our team and fans are the loudest, the proudest, and the most enthusiastic crowd you'll ever see. (What we  lack in athleticism is made up for with spirit!)  Here are some of the Kimberbell employees, family, and friends who come each week to cheer the team on.

Kim (CEO) and Deanna (Finance) are ready for the big game! (They've got spirit, yes, they do . . .)

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Ginger (Certified Events Program Manager) and Jasmine (Art Director) are all smiles! 

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Janessa (Graphic Design) and Kristie (Product Manager) enjoy the game with Janessa's dog, Orion. (Do you recognize him from Kimberbell's Playful Pet Kerchiefs photo shoot?) 

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Barbi (Customer Care) has a lot of support from her kids, as evidenced by the hugs, the smiles, and the orange pom-poms. 

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Behind the Scenes

What's better on a warm summer night than watching a good, old fashioned softball game with family and friends?

Here are some more fun, behind-the-scenes shots at the "old ball game."


Winning Isn't Everything...

But it's sure fun when we do. 🙂 And although we got off to a rough start this season,  the K-Bell Chonky Bees won their last game! (Way to sting the competition.)

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

And that, my friends, is the Kimberbell softball team. If anyone happens to be in Logan, Utah on a Monday night this summer, be sure to come out and "root, root, root" for the Chonky Bees!

We'd love to touch base with you. 😉

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