Kimber "Fellas" Talk About the Man Bag (May's Fill in the Blank Project for Sewing and Machine Embroidery)!


Looking for a good Father's Day, birthday, or any-other-day gift? Make him Kimberbell's (very cool, very hip, very handy) Man Bag! Perfect for the little things a fella "must-stash" (yep, that was intentional), you'll create the Man Bag from a small felt Zipper Pouch Blank and black Embroidery Leather. (Click HERE to see how!) 

There are so many possibilites with this very giftable pouch! But don't take just my word for it: let's see how the guys at Kimberbell put their Man Bags to good use.




With a sturdy handle, sleek bottom, and mustache design, Kimberbell's Man Bag is perfectly sized for those "man" datory supplies. (Yep, that was also on purpose. I really can't help myself.) :) Find the Man Bag at participating Fill in the Blank shops today!


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