Kimberbell Stabilizer Hoop-La: It's Cut-Through Thursday and Everything You Need to Know About Cut-Away Machine Embroidery Stabilizer!

It's Cut-Through Thursday and,  like a baker always keeps flour and sugar on hand, every machine embroidery "pantry" should stock a good supply of Cut-Away! Considered the most stable of all stabilizer types, Cut-Away keeps embroidery looking clean and crisp while preventing stitches from popping as fabric stretches.

Cut-Away Overview

Kimberbell Cut-Away (labeled in shades of orange) is a fibrous material and does not tear, so you have to trim the excess stabilizer with scissors. Because it stays smooth and taut, choose Cut-Away for loosely woven or stretchy fabrics. Remember, fabric is continually pushed and pulled during embroidery, and you need stabilizer to reinforce the fabric and create that solid foundation!


Tip: ALL Kimberbell stabilizers have been tested again and again in our Product Development Lab, and each type continually proves to be of the utmost quality with consistently beautiful results on every project.


Cut-Away & Fabric Types

Choose Kimberbell Cut-Away when stitching on stretch fabrics such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Knits
  • Sweatshirts
  • Twill weaves
  • Spandex blends
  • Most wearables
  • Other stretchy fabrics :)

Also choose Cut-Away for projects where you want stabilizer to remain and give continued reinforcement. For example, use Kimberbell Cut-Away for Mug RugsNoel’s Quilted StockingsHappy Hoop DecorKeepsake Clasp Purses, Annika's Throw Pillows, and more! Kimberbell Cut-Away softens after washing.



Tip: While Cut-Away is always used for fabrics with stretch, it's also used with other fabrics for a variety of projects!


Cut-Away & Designs

Kimberbell Cut-Away comes in many weights:

  •  Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away for lightweight fabrics and designs with a low stitch count (12,000 stitches or less)
  •  Light Mesh Cut-Away for lightweight fabrics and designs with a low stitch count (12,000 stitches or less)
  •  Medium Cut-Away for medium-to-high stitch count designs (approximately 15,000 to 25,000 stitches)
  •  Heavy Cut-Away for designs with a heavy stitch count (think 25,000 stitches or more)
Tip: The more stitches in the design, the heavier the stabilizer should be. Did you know that a medium weight Cut-Away can support as many stitches as a heavy weight Tear-Away?


Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away works beautifully for baby quilts and piecing projects, and Light Mesh Cut-Away is wonderful for quilt blocks like those found in our Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow. (Both weights of Kimberbell's Mesh Cut-Away have a soft feel against the skin and very little shadow!) Choose Medium Cut-Away for medium-weight knits and lightweight denim and Heavy Cut-Away for sweatshirt fleece and heavy knits.


The Light Mesh Cut-Away used in Kimberbell's Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow provides excellent structure for the stitches. Trim to the block size and sew right into the seam!

Kimberbell Cut-Away

Find these Kimberbell Cut-Away products (and more!) at your favorite quilt shop:

  • KDST110 Ultralight Mesh Cut-Away 12" x 10 yds
  • KDST111 Light Mesh Cut-Away 12" x 10 yds
  • KDST112 Light Mesh Cut-Away 20" x 10 yds
  • KDST113 Light Mesh Cut-Away Precuts 10" x 12"
  • KDST114 Medium Cut-Away 12" x 10 yds
  • KDST115 Medium Cut-Away 20" x 10 yds
  • KDST116 Medium Cut-Away Precuts 10" x 12"
  • KDST117 Heavy Cut-Away 12" x 10 yds
  • KDST118 Heavy Cut-Away 20" x 10 yds
  • KDST119 Heavy Cut-Away Precuts 10" x 12"
Tip: Precuts are super handy for 5x7 hoops!


Cut-Away Removal

When removing Cut-Away, trim with scissors at least 1/4" away from the edge of your embroidered design. Do not cut open areas inside the design itself, and be careful not to cut the fabric while trimming the stabilizer!

(Psst...if you're looking for incredible scissors, ask for our Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tool Set at your favorite quilt shop!)

Thanks for celebrating Cut-Away Stabilizer with us! As always, we have the products you need for the results you want. You might even say...

Kimberbell stabilizers are a "cut" above the rest. :) (And don't forget the Slap Bands to wrap around those Cut-Away rolls!)

Tip: Remember that Kimberbell Cut-Away is easily identified in shades of ORANGE in your Kimberbell project instructions! It's so easy to shop with our color-coded system. 

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