Emma's Collage Pillows for Machine Embroidery: Elevating Home Decor One Scrap at a Time


Have you heard the buzz about Emma's Collage Pillows? Now available from your favorite quilt shop, Emma's Collage Pillows are chic decor for couches, benches, beds, and more! But...what is this "collage technique" everyone's talking about?

Collage Technique

Let's talk briefly about collage quilting in general. There's a distinct difference between a collage quilt and a traditional quilt: whereas traditional quilts are made from blocks that are pieced or sewn together, collage quilts are made from small, colorful pieces of fabric layered in an artsy way.

With Kimberbell's collage applique technique, it's easy (and fun!) to create this effect on your embroidery machine. Simply organize your fabric scraps by color, decide which element of the design will be which color(s), then layer small, fusible fabric shapes within the stitched placement line. These small colors and shapes come together to create a grand, dimensional picture:



As shown above, Emma's Collage Pillows include three designs: Home, Bless This Nest, and Florals. Each is available in four sizes for 5x7, 6x10, 8x12, and 9x14 hoops!  Let's take a closer look:


Stitched on Kimberbell's Mist Linen Quilted Pillow Cover Blank, this Home design is done in lovely greens and golds.



Bless This Nest

Just as a bird builds its nest from a little of this and a little of that, this design transforms simple fabric scraps into dimensional beauty. Stitch Bless This Nest on Kimberbell's Sand Linen Quilted Pillow Blank.



These absolutely stunning florals are made with a variety of blues. You'll find there's a lot of creative freedom and flexibility with collage applique!


And if collage applique isn't your thing, stitch the designs as basic applique instead. :) Have it your way, collage or applique!

Quilted Pillow Cover Blanks

We can't talk about Emma's Collage Pillows without also mentioning Kimberbell Quilted Pillow Cover Blanks. With serged, open side seams, these prequilted covers are so easy to hoop!  After adding your design, stitch up the sides with a simple straight stitch and stuff your Kimberbell Pillow Insert through the invisible zipper.


Washing Quilted Pillow Cover Blanks

If you're wondering how to launder Kimberbell Quilted Pillow Cover Blanks, here's the scoop:

Before Embroidery is Added:

  • Wash Quilted Pillow Cover Blanks in cold water, delicate cycle
  • Tumble dry low

After Embroidery is Added

  • Spot clean only; do not wash in a washing machine

So Much More...

My friends, if you think machine embroidery is only for simple monograms, think again. As you can see, there's much more....SO MUCH MORE...that you can do, from gifts to home decor and everything in between. We can't wait for you to Experience the Joy of Creativity™ with Emma's Collage Pillows!

P.S. We love to see what you create, so please share your projects on our Kimberbellas and Fellas Facebook Group!






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