Bella of the Month: Cristin Sohm

Bella of the Month

Meet Cristin Sohm, Kimberbell’s April 2020 Bella of the Month!

Cristin SohmHow long have you been a machine embroidery enthusiast?

“I’ve loved machine embroidery since September 2015. It’s funny how I got started: I was the owner of a small business that had nothing to do with crafting. I had never sewn a thing in my life and didn’t even know about machine embroidery! But I received a notification that someone was using my custom-made business logo, so I contacted the company a few times. When they never responded, I joined the Brother embroidery group and posted there for this person to please take down my logo. It worked, and I stayed in the group and saw all of the amazing projects that people were making! I saved up for my first embroidery machine, went to my local shop to take a lesson, and have been loving embroidery ever since.”


What is your favorite Kimberbell product so far?

“My favorite will always be my first. A friend of mine took me into a quilt shop for the first time and I just sat there like a kid in a candy store seeing all the gorgeous fabrics and quilts lining the walls. I was amazed. One of them had BIKES on it! That was all I needed to see! I immediately bought the Hello Sunshine! quilt CD and fabrics and ran home to watch YouTube videos to learn how to sew. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I was completely hooked! I found the Kimberbellas group online and started posting block by block as I finished them. My tiny $100 Amazon sewing machine gave out before I could do the binding, and we moved across several states, so I had to pack it up. It's still waiting for me to finish!”


In what ways do you experience the joy of creativity?

Quilt“I love to make things for my grandchildren and gifts for family and friends. Before my embroidery obsession, I owned a cookie business and then a cookie cutter making business with 3D printers. It all got to be too much for one person, so I sold that business to a company in Florida and now I just play! My grandkids send me videos showing me what shirt they've picked out to wear that Grandma Pinkie has made for them and videos when they receive my gifts packages.”



Please tell us one fun fact about yourself.

Cristin-bikeI have a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and I obsessively ride my PINK bicycle. (My longest ride was 401 miles in just under 24 hours!) I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren and am very blessed with amazing friends that inspire me in my personal goals.


Congratulations to Cristin Sohm! And THANK YOU for all you do to lift and inspire others in our Kimberbell community.


Bellas (or Fellas!) of the Month are engaging, positive members of the Kimberbell community. Through sharing encouragement, experiences, tips, and ideas, the Bella (or Fella) of the Month helps machine embroidery enthusiasts more fully experience the joy of creativity™.


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