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Classy Ladies

My wonderful grandmother was classy in every way.  Her hair was combed, her lipstick carefully applied, and if she needed a restroom she’d say she was going "to see Mrs. Murphy” because she wouldn’t be so crass as to say where she was really going.

Grandma was everything good and refined and ladylike, and I loved hearing her stories of trolley cars, dance halls, and going without “for the duration.” 

So, why am I talking about Grandma in a post about Kimberbell's Vintage Flora Spark Event? Because the projects remind me of her:  a lovely reminder of a bygone era. 

Vintage Flora Spark Event

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Kimberbell's Vintage Flora Spark Event was the first Kimberbell event I ever attended, and it's a whole lot of fun. This event will be retiring soon, so shops are hosting a "last hurrah" in the coming months. I encourage you to find one and sign up! 

Spark Events are only about four hours long, so they don't take as much time as a one or two-day event. At Vintage Flora, you'll make TWO projects:

  1. Lucy's Lace Zipper Pouch
  2. A clasp purse: either Gloria's Golden Garden OR Pearl's Pink Petals. (You get to choose!)

But that's not all. Yes, those are the two projects you leave the event with. But you also go home with  additional designs you can stitch later!

Find a Vintage Flora Event!

Let's take a close look at the designs, along with the "purse-onalities" behind each one. (Okay, so I made these characters up. But can't you just see the unique lady and story behind each one?)

Lucy's Lace Zipper Pouch

kbn45_0856 copy-2

A member of her local historical society, Lucy regards heirlooms as valuable links to her heritage. From faded photographs to delicate doilies, Lucy draws strength from the lives and stories that came before her. Small family treasures are stored in Lucy’s Lace Zipper Pouch, the quilted scallops, eyelet lace, and vintage brass pull connecting the past, present, and future with the timeless threads of elegance. 

Gloria's Golden Garden

kbn15_2251 copy

Gloria rises with the sun each morning to wander through her wildflowers, her bare toes warmed by the rich, dark earth. Her garden is a rainbow of colors growing wild and free, and Gloria hums happily as she clips her best blossoms for the farmer’s market. With all proceeds going to local charities, Gloria sells baskets of her cheerful sprays and carefully stores every dollar in her vintage clasp purse.

Pearl's Pink Petals

kbn15_2244 copy

Everything’s coming up roses for Pearl: she just learned that her flowerbeds won first place in the garden show! Delighted by this news, Pearl asks her friends to meet her at the lunch counter downtown. Wearing a smart pillbox hat and white gloves, Pearl tucks her blue ribbon prize into her clasp purse and rides the trolley to share her good news. (Her friends are, of course, tickled “pink!”)

Bernadette's Blooms

kbn45_0874 copy

Bernadette’s favorite place is her garden, especially when grandchildren come for a day of digging and planting. She nurtures their tender spirits with the same loving care she gives to each plant, rejoicing in seeing them thrive. After an hour or two, Bernadette reaches into her classic clutch and gives a silver dollar to every happy helper. (The ice cream truck is expected to drive by at any moment!)

Cordelia's Corsage

kbn45_0866 copy

When Cordelia opens her flower shop, she sets her clasp purse inside the old wooden register and greets her customers with a smile. From simple bouquets to gorgeous sprays, people flock to Cordelia’s Corsage for births, funerals, and everything in between. With her eye for beauty, Cordelia loves choosing buds and blossoms for happy brides, shy grooms, and young couples heading for the dance hall.

Edith's Bit of Eden

kbn45_0871 copy

From cozy teas to society luncheons, Edith is widely known for her garden soirees. She plans each event with the same thoughtful care she gives to her garden, with every detail in its perfect place. Gardenias, daisies, and marigolds line the charming flagstone paths, leading to a newly painted gazebo. Edith herself is dressed to the nines, from her wide-brimmed hat to her coordinating clasp purse!

Before It's Too Late...

kbn15_2236 copy

Well, enough of me waxing poetic about a past I wish I'd been part of. 😊 And, although we can't really visit the world of Bernadette, Pearl, Gloria, and the rest, you can escape to your favorite quilt shop  before this Spark Event is gone forever...

Find a Vintage Flora Event!

Sign up for Kimberbell's Vintage Flora Spark Event today and let your creativity bloom! 






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