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A Personal Guide

Ready for some GREAT news? The Kimberbell Resource Guide is now ready for you to download, print, use, share, and enjoy!

Simply click the button to get started. (It's FREE!) 😊

Download Resource Guide HERE!

The Kimberbell Resource Guide includes incredibly helpful tips on everything from preparing fabric and hooping designs to sewing blocks together, adding back fabric, and more. 

So much more. 

I like to think of the Kimberbell Resource Guide as a mentor for your sewing room, a friend that will help you take every project across the finish line. So, why did we decide to create a resource guide?

Because You Matter

The Kimberbell Resource Guide came about because your success is important to us. Seriously, that's the  reason we're doing this. Your knowledge and skills matter! Your projects matter! YOU matter! 


Once our team got started, the guide grew bigger every day as we thought about all the information we wanted to share with you. It's 45 pages long, with 24 sections and a comprehensive glossary.

We're so excited to to help you expand your knowledge and skills!

Download Resource Guide HERE!

Expanding Knowledge

The Kimberbell Resource Guide takes techniques from our incredible step-by-step instructions and expands them in much greater detail, with all the full-color diagrams and clear explanations you've come to expect.

For example, our feature quilt instructions teach you how to make a Kimberbell quilt. But the Kimberbell Resource Guide expands that knowledge with how to bind your quilt once the embroidery is done! 

Pretty helpful, huh?


A Variety of Topics

The vast information covered in the Kimberbell Resource Guide might surprise you. Topics include:

  • Pattern notes and helpful tips
  • Getting started on larger projects
  • Stabilizers and interfacing
  • Using SVG files
  • Preparing fabric
  • Hooping options
  • Tips for applique designs
  • Stitching designs
  • Quilting options
  • Trimming instructions
  • Sewing blocks together
  • Joining rows
  • Sewing sashing between rows
  • Stitching in the ditch
  • Hidden zipper back instructions

A Trusted Friend

We hope the Kimberbell Resource Guide becomes a trusted friend of sorts, something you can turn to for any needed help. And though our projects are mostly for machine embroidery, the Kimberbell Resource Guide is wonderful for sewists and quilters, too! So be sure to share it with ALL of your stitching enthusiast friends. 


Experience the Joy

At the end of the day, it's all about lifting and teaching each other so we can all Experience the Joy of Creativity  together. By the way, if you're looking for a good storage solution for your printed-out guide, you can find this daring Kimberbell binder at your favorite quilt shop!


Please accept the free Kimberbell Resource Guide with our heartfelt thanks. We hope you feel our sincere desire to teach, help, and encourage you along your creative journey. ❤️

Download Resource Guide HERE!






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