Star-Spangled Potato Salad

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Every Fourth of July needs a barbecue, and every barbecue needs potato salad. Now, I happen to be the designated potato-salad-maker in my family because (not to brag or anything, but...) people generally love my potato salad. Perhaps it’s because there are so few ingredients that even the picky-pants eaters like it. Or maybe it’s because it’s loaded with bacon. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy Star-Spangled Potato Salad at your celebration this year (I know I will)!


Approximately 5 lbs. potatoes (red or russets, whatever your preference)
1 lb. bacon (I get the pre-cooked kind because I'm all about saving time)
8-10 hard-boiled eggs
Miracle Whip
Salt & Pepper


  1. Peel (or not, your choice) and cut potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Boil until cooked; cool.
  2. Boil eggs for ten minutes; cool and peel (reserve two or three eggs for a garnish)
  3. Cook the bacon until crisp (floppy bacon=ew) and remove grease.
  4. Dump the above ingredients into a large bowl.
  5. Add generous dollops of mayonnaise (I mostly use mayo but also add some Miracle Whip for a little extra zing) and a squirt or two of mustard. (All quantities are to taste.)
  6. Add salt and pepper 

After everything is all mixed up, I top with sliced eggs and sprinkle the whole thing with paprika so it’s pretty. And remember, we’re celebrating freedom, here, so feel free to add pickles, pickle juice, onion powder, Cool Whip, celery...whatever your little patriotic heart desires! (And speaking of patriotic hearts...if you ever get the chance to attend Kimberbell's Star-Spangled Celebration machine embroidery event, DO IT. After all, the event is the inspiration behind the recipe!

Happy Independence Day!

by Jenny Lyman





Recipe submitted by Jenny Lyman, Marketing Writing Associate

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