Stabilizer Spotlight: Wash-Away


Ah. Wash-Away. That wonderful, oh-so magical product that gives stability to embroidery projects and then...

Vanishes without a trace.

I think of Wash-Away as the fairy godmother of stabilizers: it’s there when you need support, provides exactly what you want, and then POOF! It disappears, leaving you with a fairy-tale result.

What is Wash-Away?

Made from a chemical starch, Wash-Away is a thin, fibrous, pliable stabilizer that completely dissolves in water. 

Why Use Wash-Away?

Wash-Away is perfect for projects where you don't want stabilizer to remain. For example, we use Wash-Away on freestanding lace, cutwork, baskets and so much more!

See this pouch from our Take a Peek Zipper Pouch collection? We didn't want to see stabilizer in the finished result, so we used Wash-Away and ta-da! No stabilizer is showing. 😊


How is Kimberbell Wash-Away Different?

A couple of things were very important to us as we developed Kimberbell Wash-Away. First, we wanted it to be strong. 

You see, freestanding lace is made with thread only, which means the needle is going in and out of the stabilizer over and over again. We didn't want our Wash-Away to tear or become saggy during this process; we wanted it to be smooth, taut, and strong! (And it is.) 

We also wanted just the right amount of stabilizer left in the thread to continue providing structure to the finished project. 


It was also important to us that our Wash-Away dissolve in COOL water. Many other brands require a hot water rinse, but that made us nervous because you never know how different fabrics and threads will react to hot water. (No one wants their colors to bleed!)

We also didn't want our Wash-Away to take a long time to dissolve. Kimberbell Wash-Away stabilizer will completely dissolve in 20 seconds of cool water. Quick, easy, and color safe! 

Where Can I Find Kimberbell Wash-Away?

Find Kimberbell Wash-Away at your favorite quilt shop! Since this is a Wash-Away, be sure to look for the BLUE label. Choose between 20" and 12" rolls or precuts for 5x7 hoops.


When purchasing Kimberbell stabilizer, be sure to also pick up our coordinating Slap Bands to keep your rolls tidy, labeled, and easy to find!

I hope you enjoy creating many beautiful projects with Kimberbell Wash-Away. 😊



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