Stabilizer Spotlight: Fusible Peel & Stick

Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick machine embroidery stabilizer

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What is Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick?

Fusible Peel & Stick is a sewing and machine embroidery stabilizer that has one sticky side and one fusible side. It's a high-quality interfacing specifically designed for applique projects!

Why Use Fusible Peel & Stick?

With Fusible Peel & Stick, it's really easy to position applique pieces. Here's how it works:

Cut a piece of Fusible Peel & Stick slightly smaller than your applique and use a warm iron to fuse to the back of the fabric. Then peel off the protective paper and stick the applique onto the base fabric so it's exactly where you want it to go!

Fusible Peel & Stick is wonderful for applique on a sewing machine. Because of its slightly thicker dimension, it's easy to stitch around with a blanket, zigzag, or straight stitch. (The little raised edge is very easy to follow!) 

But Fusible Peel & Stick is also very helpful for machine embroidery applique, too.


For example, a few years ago I stitched this darling owl design from Heart-Felt Friends as a gift for my son's teacher. Of course, my machine did placement and tack-down stitches for the applique areas and I usually use Kimberbell Paper Tape to hold fabric down while it's being stitched...

But in this case, I could've used  Fusible Peel & Stick to secure the Embroidery Leather instead, since Paper Tape might create little fuzzies when ripped off of felt. It's just a good alternative, especially for tiny pieces of applique fabric.

How is Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick Different?

Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick has been thoroughly tested in our Product Development Lab. It adheres perfectly (No need to iron twice!) and is easily repositionable for exact placement. 

This stabilizer is ideal for specialty fabrics like wool, velveteen, leather, and silk. It adds body, helps with fabric puckering, and even prevents a shadow when used with light applique on dark fabrics. 

The protective paper is also very convenient for tracing applique designs!

Fusible Peel & Stick

Where Can I Find Fusible Peel & Stick?

Fusible Peel & Stick comes in 8 1/2 x 11" precut sheets. You can purchase this stabilizer wherever Kimberbell products are sold! Since this is a specialty stabilizer, look for the GREEN label.

I hope you enjoy Fusible Peel & Stick with your sewing and machine embroidery projects! (Be sure to catch my other Stabilizer Spotlight posts to learn all about Kimberbell's remarkable stabilizer line. 😊)



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