Quilt & Tell Podcast With Kim Christopherson!

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Guess who's in Episode 75 of Quilting Daily's Quilt & Tell podcast? That's right...Kim Christopherson!

And believe me, listening to this uplifting podcast will make your day. (It's like being out to lunch with your very best friends. So much laughter and fun!)

Click the link below to join Kim, Ginger, Tracy, and Lori for the show. But before you do, I thought it might be fun to test your Kimberbell knowledge a little. Take a look at the following questions, make your guesses, and listen to the podcast for the answers! 🙂

Kim first learned about quilting from:
    1. Her mother
    2. Her grandmother
    3. A friend
    4. Her sister
Before Kim started Kimberbell, she: 
    1. Taught fourth grade
    2. Was a stay-at-home mom
    3. Was DIY enthusiast
    4. All of the above
Kimberbell got its name because:
    1. Tinkerbell is Kim's favorite Disney character
    2. "Kimber" is Kim's first name and "Bell" is her maiden name
    3.  Kimberbell was a nickname given to Kim by her dad
    4. It just popped in Kim’s head one day and had a nice ring to it
The first-ever Kimberbell quilt was:
    1. Lucky Us
    2. Home is Where the Haunt Is
    3. Sweet Land of Liberty
    4. Hello Sunshine!
Click the orange box below to listen to the podcast and have a wonderful day! 

Quilt & Tell Podcast With Kim Christopherson!

Pssst....for help with the last question, click HERE!  







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