NEW! Keepsake Clasp Purses

NEW and now available from your local quilt shop…

Collectible and very giftable, Kimberbell’s Keepsake Clasp Purses puts style in the bag! (I seriously can’t help myself when it comes to puns. I blame my father. ) But puns notwithstanding, this classy collection is simply beautiful and includes a total of 12 projects, with three purse patterns fitting four styles of Clasp Purse Frames (see above). 

Stitch darling designs such as butterflies*, bees, flowers, and more, or create your clutch with pintucks, piecing, or all-over quilting! Kimberbellishments include Kimberbell Bouquets, Cute as a Button(s), and Crocheted Edge Trim, with each style and size topped with a vintage brass Clasp Purse Frame

Speaking of which, do not worry one little bit about installing the Clasp Purse Frames! It’s much, much easier than you might think and we walk you through the entire process with our step-by-step instructions and video tutorial. Keepsake Clasp Purses are now available from your favorite local quilt shop. (Have fun!)

by Jenny Lyman

Clasp Purse Tutorial:

*Fun fact: The “Bethany’s Butterflies” pattern was named for my daughter. :) 

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