Meet the Team: Janessa



Meet Janessa

Janessa is the ME Time graphic designer. She does all of the graphics related to ME Time, including the website, social media, emails, product packaging, and other merchandise. She enjoys the wide variety of projects she works on each day!

Here's a little behind-the-scenes info: Janessa designed the Clear Blue Tiles packaging/box. So when you open your set to use your tiles, you'll know Janessa is the one who designed it. 😀

Fun Facts About Janessa

When asked who her favorite Disney villian is, Janessa will say it's Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove because yeah, she's bad . . .but she still has a good sense of humor and is also pretty stylish!

Janessa loves hiking with her dog, Orion, and being outside just enjoying Mother Nature. She's extremely creative and artsy and loves making a variety of craft projects! She also loves thrifting with her mom, Kristie, who also works for ME Time. (I'll highlight her on another day!) 

Something about being an adult that Janessa has found surprising is that she still hates doing dishes and laundry as much as she ever did as a kid. (She thought that when she got older she wouldn't mind those chores so much . . .but she still thinks they're pretty terrible!) 

Janessa is an absolute joy to work with and we're so very glad to have her and her talents here! 



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