Meet the Team: Becky


Meet Becky

As the editing manager on Kimberbell's Product Development Team, Becky spends her days editing the amazing Kimberbell project instructions you know and love. (And aren't we all glad she does?!) 😊

Becky is passionate about accuracy and does her best to help her team put out the best possible product. (She's extremely detail oriented and good at what she does!) Becky loves the people she works with and appreciates everyone's talents and creativity.

Fun Facts About Becky

If she ever got the chance, Becky thinks she'd probably win The Price is Right. As a matter of fact, her husband (who used to be in the U.S. Air Force Band) was invited to attend that show and play with the band!

Becky's three simple joys are reading a good book, being with her family, and baking. She makes delicious cinnamon rolls, which I've had the very great pleasure of eating on a number of occasions!

When Becky has had a busy day of reading project instructions, she'll often unwind by watching a good K-drama on TV. She has four children (three of whom are now adults) and loves it when they're all together.

She never thought she'd own a dog, but Becky loves her sweet little shih tzu/dachshund/yorkie named Molly. Her best advice is this: "Leave people better than you found them, love deeply, and be brave with your life." 

Kimberbell is definitely better with Becky here! 




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