Meet Jasmine

If you ask Jasmine about her job, she’ll say, “I design pretty things!” And as Kimberbell’s senior graphic designer, that’s exactly what she does. Jasmine designs the logos. She designs the packaging. She designs the collectible boxes. She even designs headers for blog posts, including the “Meet the Staff” image above. :)  In short, Jasmine plays a major role in putting “cute” in “Kimberbell cute.”

Jasmine has been with Kimberbell for 2 ½ years and puts her whole heart into everything she does. “I oversee the design process and branding, always managing multiple projects at a time,” she laughs. “I’ve definitely learned to prioritize!” Anyone who works with Jasmine knows that the “juggle” is real. Her teammates are constantly amazed at how she seems to do 50 things at once—completing projects on time while always looking ahead.

Love Notes-embroidery "I seriously just love designing. I've been doing it for over 10 years!" Jasmine says. The Vintage Boardwalk logo is one of her favorites. Why? "Because the little Ferris wheel in the logo inspired the Oh, Happy Day Wall Hanging!"  Other top designs include logos and packaging for Keepsake Clasp Purses, Dots & Stripes Tea Towels, and the very innovative Kimberbell Stabilizer packaging (coming soon)!

"My all-time favorite project, however, was designing the details for the Love Notes envelopes. From the little stamps and section phrases to the ombre colors, it was just really fun."

Jasmine also designed a certain familiar orange box. "The Bella Box™ itself was designed for customers to have an experience with us. The small dot elements and Bella Box orange are carried throughout, the front cover panel encourages opening the box, and the front panel enlarges the word 'joy' because that's exactly what we want people to feel."


With keen observation skills and a super-kind heart, Jasmine is good at spreading joy wherever she is. "I love to compliment people on the little things and give them gold stars because being an adult is hard," she says.

At home, her family also keeps her hopping.  "When I'm not behind a computer screen drooling over fonts, I'm a mom (and bonus mom) of four girls. I've been married to my husband for three years and I love spending time with my family playing games, cooking, baking, or basking in the sunshine I rarely get to see!" Jasmine also loves tacos, chips, and binge-watching shows on television.

We're so glad to have Jasmine (and her many talents!) on the Kimberbell team.








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