Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles for Machine Embroidery: Know Your Embroidery Files


We've been talking a lot about Clear Blue Tiles these past few weeks, covering both Knowing Your Tiles and Knowing Your Hoops. Let's conclude our discussion today by learning more about the exclusive (and absolutely delightful!) embroidery files that come with your Clear Blue Tiles Essentials Set, now available through your favorite quilt shop!

Clear Blue Tiles Embroidery Files

The Clear Blue Tiles USB (found in the Essentials Set) includes two folders of designs:

  • Clear Blue Tiles folder
  • Block-by-Block folder

Each folder contains six different finished block quilting designs, with each design available in 14 sizes. (The designs are the same in each folder, it's just the method that's a little different.) :) Also included are two finished border quilting designs (in 12 sizes each) and six bonus "Bitty Blocks," which are 2 x 2".

Take a look:


So, to recap: the Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer, Swirls, and Loops designs come in 14 sizes each. The Border-Swirls and Border-Loops come in 12 sizes each. You also receive six darling Bitty Blocks, which are so fun to use as "Easter eggs" in your projects! ALL of these designs are digitized at the same scale, so whether you stitch out a 2x2" design or a 6x10" design, the design elements are exactly the same size.

Note: The Expansion Set files for the larger hoops are also included on the USB; however, you'll need the Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Set to use those files.

Finding Your Files

You'll find that the designs on the Clear Blue Tiles USB are organized into user-friendly folders:



Notice there are also two folders called "Clear Blue Tiles" and "Block-by-Block." The Clear Blue Tiles folder contains designs for allover quilting, and these files have no placement or tack-down lines. The Block-by-Block folder contains files for block-by-block quilting, including placement and tack-down lines.

So, what's the difference between allover and block-by-block quilting?

Clear Blue Tiles vs. Block by Block

Block-by-Block Quilting

Block-by-block quilting is when each block of a project is stitched with its own quilting design. To do this, you'll quilt each block separately, sew them together, and then quilt with a stitch-in-the-ditch method. When quilting block-by-block, the stitches do not show on the back fabric; only the top fabric will be quilted. (Note: stitch your background quilting before adding any applique or embroidery designs!)

Kimberbell’s block-by-block quilting designs include batting and tack-down lines and do not work with Clear Blue Tiles. Ideal for use with Orange Pop Rulers, these designs are often directional and include travel lines that are sewn into the seam.

You'll likely see block-by-block quilting on projects like Kimberbell Bench Pillows, feature quilts, and other projects like the Home is Where the Haunt Is pillow shown here:


Repeated Allover Quilting

Repeated allover quilting is using one background quilting design throughout the whole project. Kimberbell’s Clear Blue Tiles quilting designs do not have lines to match up, but they still look continuous. Background quilting will go off the edge of the quilt top and onto the excess batting (which is just fine, as you’ll be cutting that off anyway).

Use repeated allover quilting for the Pieced Poinsettia Table Topper from the Handmade Holiday Bella Box:



Custom Allover Quilting

Custom allover quilting is using several designs and sizes to accentuate different blocks or sections of the project. Like repeated allover quilting, these designs are stitched through the quilt sandwich. Pick the tile size that matches the section or block you want to quilt and choose different quilting designs for each block!

Note: With all-over quilting and custom all-over quilting, the quilting stitches are also seen on the back. With the block-by-block method, the quilting is only seen on the front. 


Seasonal Table Runner

Practice using your Clear Blue Tiles embroidery files on our exclusive Seasonal Table Runner project, also found on your Clear Blue Tiles USB. Don't you love the little candy corn images in the fall quilting design? And the bumblebees in the summer?


One More Thing...

If you've ever downloaded background quilting designs from Kimberbell in the past (or plan to in the future), ALL background quilting downloads now include both the block-by-block AND the Clear Blue Tiles (allover) files. This means that if you purchased background quilting files from us, say, several months ago, you do not need to repurchase them to get the allover quilting files for those designs. We've retroactively added the Clear Blue Tiles embroidery files to your previous purchase! Simply log into your account and they will be waiting for you at no extra charge.

Just imagine the possibilities for your projects with Clear Blue Tiles embroidery designs! For more information about Clear Blue Tiles embroidery files, please watch Kim's short video below.





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