Machine Embroidery Thread Color Matching With Kimberbell's Conversion Chart!

As a machine embroidery enthusiast, you know that choosing thread colors is half the fun. Like an artist with her palette and brush, you decide the hue for each stroke (er, stitch)! But what about those projects, like Bench Pillows and Feature Quilts, where you want an exact match?

The Kimberbell Basics Thread Conversion chart for machine embroidery is your go-to! This helpful chart matches SIX of the industry's leading thread brands (Glide, Hemingworth, Isacord, Robison-Anton, Floriani, and Exquisite) to the predominant color found in a Kimberbell Basic fabric from Maywood Studio. See the picture above? That bolt of fabric is Kimberbell Basic 8209-Q, and each of those thread spools has been matched to that color. So Glide's "Sprout" is very close  to Hemingworth's "Mint Green," Isacord's "Baccarat," Robison-Anton's "Breath of Spring," Floriani's "Aqua," and Exquisite's "Dark Aqua."

In other words, if you have a design calling for Glide's "Sprout" color but you happen to have Hemingworth thread on hand, you can see that "Mint Green" will be a darn close match because each spool was compared to the same Kimberbell Basic fabric. Pretty handy, huh?

Please use and enjoy the Kimberbell Basics Thread Conversion chart and experience the joy of creativity with us.

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